The Flea Lifecycle

The flea season traditionally occurs during the warmer summer months, but conditions in many homes today provide a comfortable flea breeding ground all year round.
Fleas depend on your pets for survival, and feed off their blood, often causing severe skin irritations.

The adult fleas also spend much of their lifecycle living in your environment - in your pet's bedding, in carpets and on furniture.

The adult female fleas lay hundreds of eggs, which drop off our pets to lie dormant around the home.

These lurk unseen in carpets, bedding and furniture, until they hatch - days, weeks or even months later.

The eggs hatch into larvae which may spend several weeks feeding in the environment before turning into pupae, where they can remain dormant for many months.

Pupae are very sensitive to the presence of pets and humans, and can rapidly hatch out into adult fleas - completing their lifecycle. In just a few weeks two fleas can multiply to 2000!

The key to controlling fleas is to break their lifecycle. We have a very extensive range of effective flea products - both for your pet and your home.
Please contact us for the best form of flea control to suit your own requirements.