HAVE YOU looked at your pet recently - could your faithful friend lose a few pounds?

Obesity (which literally means increased body fatness) is a problem that is on the increase, and something that is easily overlooked since weight gain is usually a gradual process.

Obesity occurs when the level of energy intake in the food is greater than the level of energy used in daily life. This excess energy is laid down as fat.
Obesity is known to cause or worsen certain conditions including: arthritis, heart disease, diabetes mellitus, intolerance to heat, and increase anaesthetic risks - to name just a few.

What can be done?

Veterinary Centres are here to help! We are happy to weigh your pet, and advise you on your pet's ideal weight.
We will also check for any other signs of illness or disease, since obesity can also be an indicator of other underlying health problems.
If your pet needs to lose weight, we can advise you on the most suitable diet and exercise programme to ensure this is successful - please contact us for an appointment.