Winter awareness

The onset of colder winter weather brings with it a new set of hazards for our pets.

When out on walks, it's great to enjoy the winter weather, but beware of frozen ponds and lakes which are a hazard to both pets and their owners.

At this time of year many people will also be topping up the antifreeze in their car radiators.

Antifreeze usually contains ethylene glycol which is very toxic to both humans and pets.

Spilt Antifreeze can kill your pet

Ethylene glycol has a sweet taste and any spillage is very attractive to dogs and cats who will readily drink it.

If ingested, even small amounts can cause serious kidney failure and usually death.

Thus it is very important to ensure that any spilt antifreeze is cleaned up.

Chocolate can kill your pet

Additionally, don't forget that chocolate - especially the plain variety, can be very toxic to dogs.

If you want to feed your dog chocolate, specially formulated pet chocolate is the only safe option!

Small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs are very susceptible to cold and damp weather.

With this in mind, move their hutches into a sheltered area or garden shed, give them extra bedding and check water bottles regularly to ensure they don't freeze.