Hydrotherapist Jan walks for Charity

Jan hands over cheque to Kate and Hal
15 Feb 2012

On March 14th one of our hydrotherapy nurses, Jan Taylor, succeeded in her attempt to walk 10 miles through 10 inches of water in our hydrotherapy tank in the Hydrotherapy Centre. The sponsored walk raised £800 for Oakmount's chosen charity for 2012, Dogs for the Disabled. Jan would like to thank everyone who supported her in this event. This was the first of several fundraising events the practice is planning to hold this year.

Jan is now recovered from a gruelling training regime which helped her achieve her goal of 10 miles, sadly the same cannot be said for her water shoes which disintegrated in the attempt!



 Kate and her assistance dog Hal paid Oakmount a visit to receive a cheque for £800. This money was raised for the charity Dogs for the Disabled by Jan Taylor one of our hydrotherapy nurses following her 10 mile in 10 inches of water sponsored walk in March.

It was lovely to meet them both and find out just how invaluable an assistance dog is to a disabled person.

Not only is Hal a handsome boy – but a clever one as well! Amongst his many talents Hal can open doors, pick up dropped items – even down to 5 pence pieces, bark on command to get attention or help for Kate should she need it and lots more besides!

Dogs for the Disabled is Oakmount’s nominated charity for 2012 and all monies raised will go towards training more dogs like Hal, to enable people with physical disabilities to lead a more independent life. Find out more about this life transforming charity on their website.  http://www.dogsforthedisabled.org/