Our June Pet of the Month Samson

Meet Samson......June's Pet Of The Month!

We realised that some pets can become very stressed by having to visit us here at Oakmount, none more so than Samson.

Following x-rays Samson was diagnosed with a ruptured/torn cruciate (knee) ligament in his left hind leg which required corrective surgery. During his treatment Samson showed huge amounts of bravery and courage.
 Whilst he was recovering and not long after his first operation Samson sadly ruptured the same ligament in his right hind resulting in more orthopaedic surgery and more visits to the practice!

Following corrective surgery to both knee's and after his initial period of recovery our vet Chelsea did a home visit to assess him for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy as in his home environment he was much more relaxed.

With a lot of dedication and patience from Samson's owners they started physiotherapy exercises at home to get him using his legs more normally.

Samson then started to attend weekly hydrotherapy sessions here at Oakmount with our hydrotherapist Jan. We took things very slowly, positively encouraging him every step of the way.

8 weeks or so in he is doing brilliantly, Samson has made huge improvements and now even looks forward to visiting the practice and having his hydrotherapy with Jan....here he is having a bit of playtime in the treadmill before starting his session!

We would like to say Congratulations and thank you to the Baron family, as without their dedication, patience and love Samson would not be doing as well as he is.