What makes Vetsure pet insurance different

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    We only sell policies to pet owners who obtain most of their veterinary care from partnered Vetsure-affiliated veterinary clinics. We know that these clinics offer a high level of care at value for money prices - this helps us to keep premiums competitive in the long-term whilst offering generous policy benefits

    We want to help you keep your pet healthy - Vetsure is the only pet insurance range that offers a comprehensive preventative health plan via its 'Cover & Care' policy. By working together with you and your vet to keep pets healthy, we aim to keep premiums competitive
    We work closely with Referral Centres and Vetsure Partnered Consultants should your pet need specialist expertise that your local Vetsure-affiliated clinic cannot offer.

    We normally pay eligible, approved claims within 5 days - this means that your Vetsure vet will be able to process your claim 'directly' and you only have to pay them the excess for eligible claims

    We offer generous per condition limits that ‘recharge’ every year - all our policies are lifelong

    We offer a 10% multi-pet discount off each pet's premium when you take out policies for two or more pets

    Our excess is a competitive £69 when treatment is carried out at Vetsure clinic* and we only apply the excess once per condition for ongoing/ repeat claims

    We have a team of veterinary nurses assessing your claim who understand your pet’s illness or accident.

    Our Customer Service team are UK-based.

*Excess is £89 if you choose to have your pet treated at another clinic.